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Life, Styled

Imagination is all it takes to turn a neglected house into a modern gem, but for this property, it took a savvy design plan too. On this former construction materials dump, a couple from Austin set out to bring a taste of the Hill Country to Dallas. “We fell in love with the property’s hills and trees,” says Samantha, New Leaf’s lead interior designer and proud owner of the home. “But, in order for our vision to work on this unique property, we had to think outside the box by using an innovative approach to design and layout, not to mention A LOT of retaining walls,” she shared.

The asymmetrical fireplace serves as a piece of art in itself. Exposed structural beams provide warmth and detail to its clean palate.

“Since the house sits on a small hill, which acts as a natural barrier from the street and our neighbors, the 'built-in' privacy allowed us to expand the floor plan in all directions,” Samantha explains. The house could be both private and open on all sides – perfect for a young couple who loves being outdoors. And the most unusual thing about this house may also be its best feature—the kitchen, normally overlooking a home’s backyard, is positioned at the front of the house. Even more unconventional? Sliding glass doors open up to the fire pit, located just off the lead walk. “It’s perfect for entertaining! Our guests walk right up from the driveway and into the party. We don’t even have to open the front door!”

Embrace the contrast of materials. Natural Skyfall granite sits across from a white man-made quartz countertop with a custom fabricated edge. White oak cabinets warm up this modern kitchen.

A full wall of Marmara marble provides the perfect backdrop for this sleek modern freestanding tub.

These custom floating stairs allow light to flow through the front door all the way to the back patio sliding doors. The white oak treads provide warmth against the clean walls and industrial concrete floor.

With so many thoughtful design features, it's no wonder why this Forest Trail project is a favorite in our books! Check back soon for more of our featured projects and favorite design details!


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