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Creative Kid Spaces

Often when designing a new home, the first areas you may think about are the kitchen, master bath or exterior. But what about those spaces for your smallest family members? There are a lot of budget friendly ways to add unique design elements to your kids' rooms, bathrooms or playrooms that you may not have thought about before! We love working with clients on designing spaces for their children because these are some rooms where you can really have some fun and let the personality of your little ones shine through.

One easy and cost effective way to make a room kid approved is with a pop of color. We see clients becoming more bold with their paint selections and are choosing bright colors to paint a bathroom vanity or accent wall in the bedroom. How cute are these Lavender and Kelly Green vanities? Bonus points if you use a bright accent tile to complement the vanity!

Another way to make a room more interesting is to add a fun, patterned wallpaper to the ceiling, accent wall or whole room.

When designing a kids' room, it's also about functionality. To maximize the usable space, some clients are opting to add built in bunk beds in bedrooms or desks for their kids' homework areas. We especially love this loft area with the magnet wall, perfect for hanging assignments and art work!

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a tailor-made room for your kids to enjoy. It can be a great way to get your kids involved in your building or remodeling process and let them use their creativity too!


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