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Bright Updates

During these hot summer temps, you're probably spending some extra time in the house to escape the heat. Now you're looking around thinking, how can i update this place? Answer: update your light fixtures! Lights seem like such a small thing, but good or bad, they make a huge impact on a space. There are so many options when it comes to sourcing lighting from modern to glam, you don't have to live in a major city anymore to find a great lighting choices in every price range. Thanks to thousands of online sources, finding great fixtures is more accessible than ever, think websites like to, unique lighting and great deals are everywhere! Take a look at these pics and follow our top tips we give our clients for selecting awesome lighting. Now go enjoy the Great Indoors.

Lighting should be fun and interesting, like a sculpture hanging from your ceiling. Look for unique or asymmetrical fixtures, they are sure to strike up conversation.

Spice up a tv lounge with a pop of color like these Murano glass chandeliers by Cyan Design.

Size matters. Measure the length & width of the room in feet and add them together. Your fixture should be that size in diameter, at minimum. Example: 12' x 12' room = 24" fixture minimum size. The bigger the better!

When choosing multiple fixtures for a large open space, make sure they relate to one another in style or finish. You'll be sure to tie all the spaces together.

Check back soon for more of our featured projects and favorite design details!


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