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Having sold almost everything before moving back to Texas, this family asked New Leaf to design their entire home from a blank slate, including the pool design, outdoor living space and interior furnishings. By blending unique materials and textures, New Leaf added depth and interest to the design to create something unique. A mix of hand-troweled stucco, iron spot brick and stained Douglas fir siding provide a rich material texture to the house. “There’s a fine line between minimalist and just plain boring,” says Brett Davis, New Leaf’s VP of Design. “Having a blend of unique materials and textures can really add a depth and interest to the design “. Steel I-beams and posts at the patios provide and unmistakably modern feel. Inside the house, custom details are everywhere. The wood siding from the exterior continues inside wrapping  the walls at the staircase. “We love to warm up modern houses with natural elements,” says Samantha Bailey, New Leaf’s Lead Interior Designer. “Handmade tile in a fun pattern in the kitchen backsplash and guest shower brings some personality to an austere space.”

Unique details proliferate through the house. A free standing wood paneled wall creates a free flow to an open concept master bath. Upstairs, the game room spills out onto an upstairs balcony, overlooking the pool below. A custom oversized barn door can close off the part of the game room to create a private study area for children to do homework.


Midcentury Inspired





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